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SP7 Aviation Ceramic Coating 65ml

SP7 Aviation is a permanent nano ceramic coating which when applied adheres to the surface, creating a much harder layer which in turns protects against UV contamination, dirt, sand, grease, fuel and erosion from air. Because the surface is harder than the paint it is applied on, SP7 take all the brunt of this meaning the paint or clear coat below is protected and does not break down. SP7 will also add a shine like never before and a super slick hydrophobic effect which causes water to bead off and dirt and dust to repel.   Warranty is 2 years minimum. this ceramic coating can be applied to paint, stainless steel & Aluminium.


SP7 Marine Ceramic Coating 65ml

SP7 Marine is a nano ceramic coating which will enhance paint and gelcoat properties to reduce oxidation from sun and salt contamination while sealing the surface maintaining its shine for years to come. Cleaning is easy and it is also possible to add your own nano polish on top to continue with water beading and keeping maintenance to a minimum. This is a permanent ceramic coating which is only removable by sanding and compounding, therefore maintaining your pride and joys appearance for years.  Warranty is 3 years minimum. SP7 Can be applied on gelcoat, paint, stainless steel and hard plastic. 


SP7 Industrial Ceramic Coating 65ml

SP7 industrial ceramic coating was developed to protect surfaces against UV contamination, as well as contamination from from dirt, sand and even bird droppings. It has a fire resistance to 1100+ degrees giving great benefits to cladded building panels and painted surfaces. This ceramic coating product has a warranty of 3 years minimum. it can be applied to powder coated panel, bare aluminium and stainless steel.   


SP7 Automotive Ceramic Coating 65ml

Sp7 Automotive is a permanent nano ceramic coating which bonds to the surface it is applied to adding depth of shine, 9H hardness and super slick hydrophobic water beading properties. This nano coating was engineered for lifetime protection if applied to new paint, and if applied to old paint 8 years protection is possible. There is also a back up product to this called SP7 Light, which is a simple spray on and wipe off ceramic coating to be used after cleaning to enhance the protection coating and maintain the water beading properties. 


SP7 Glass Ceramic Coating 65ml

Sp7 glass is a nano ceramic coating product to protect and reduce the amount of micro scratches from environmental effects. The nano coating adds a super slick surface protection making it easier to keep clean and protect against dirt, dust and bird droppings. It is superb for Aircraft, Yachts, Cars, Homes, buildings and solar panels.



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    SP7 Individual use Products


    SP7 Light

    SP7 Light is a nano ceramic coating designed for personal use and can be applied by both individuals and professionals. Light was originally designed as a back up product to the professional ceramic coating range but because of the ease of application was determined to be suitable for all users. It is a simple spray on wipe off product. it is semi permanent meaning it will eventually wear off and therefore mistakes are not possible to happen with this product. wash and polish the area to be protected beforehand and then simply spray on, wipe off and then lightly buff the area to enhance the shine.


    SP7 FresherAir

    SP7 FresherAir is a revolutionary air freshener for all areas, cars, yachts, aircraft, offices and home. the unique formula operates on the principal of movement. After application the nano particles release a burst of freshness into the air when disturbed by movement caused by human interaction or even pets. There are millions of nano molecules released with each spray and over a period of time get constantly released into the air.  This means that your home or office are constantly being refreshed. 


    SP7 Interior Protection 500ml

    Warranty : 1 year SP7 interior nano protection is a simple solution to add a waterproof surface protection to your leather, alcantara, fabric, carpet and vinyl interior from your yacht, aircraft, car or camper. Once applied it seals the surface and pores making it difficult for spillages and stains to get into the surface below. This therefore creates a barrier against dye from Jeans which through moisture impregnate the fabric or leather when in contact with each other. 



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